GTA Trilogy Gets Another Update, Heading To Switch 'In The Coming Days' - Nintendo Life
Nov 30, 2021 3 mins, 49 secs

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, to give it the full name, had a rocky launch plagued by numerous bugs and a negative reaction from a lot of players.

As you can see it's not rolled out on Switch yet, though previous patches did arrive on time - presumably it will arrive soon as promised.

If you've picked this up let us know how you're getting on with GTA Trilogy on Switch.

I think they are trying to fix it before Dec 7 to get physical sales.

They know they messed up big time but if the patches fix the game I'll buy it on switch so I can play it on the go.

This game has been anything but definitive.

They still have a chance to make sure the physical version is done properly.

We need some more Switch specific patches though, they need to address the framerate issues, pop in and the game runs way too hot on my v1 Switch, come on Rockstar get it together.

Too late to get my money, i am not supporting any company that releases a game that is a broken, almost unenjoyable mess no matter how much they polish it afterwards.

I feel like 'definitive edition' is maybe a title that can't be applied until after release.

If they'd called it 'Grand Theft Auto 3: Still Getting There' there'd be a lot more goodwill.

I'm probably going to grab the physical edition off the back of this update and the last one but boy oh boy did they sh*t the bed on this one here.

I mean before all this, i was hoping we'd get GTA 6 soon, but after this, i genuinely fear for what GTA 6 will be like.

@HotGoomba Peppa Pig's game has a higher score than GTA, what a time to be alive.

Seem like the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition will never be as good as Saints Row 3 & 4.

It's completely insane to acknowledge the difference between the state of the game at eshop release and what it'll be for physical release.

I will never understand why they didn't release on the eshop on the same day as physical

Physical version of the GTA Trilogy on Switch has been delayed to early 2022:

The fact they are racing to get it fixed before the physical release highlights how important physical releases are

I've been playing Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City over the days, and while there have been some very minor annoyances (like a misplaced fence), I have not encountered crashes, anything game-breaking, or something of that order

But I LIKE IT when it rains indoors

Looks like the Switch physical version is delayed till next year

Thats why it looks often more like a asian Warcraft Copy without understanding the Style

Cyberpunk has at least a pretty gorgeous PC Version, such a dumb Desicion to deliver so broken Console Version and overshadow a pretty damn good Game

@Slowdive Not had anything game breaking in Vice City either

I've found the game quite enjoyable despite the framerate issues, dynamic resolution and some object pop in

Hopefully the next patch(s) improves frame consistency, I'd like a more stable 30fps

Still upset that they didn't develop this game with the Switch hardware in mind

So unless Rockstar pulls the GTA Trilogy from the eShop and relaunches them as separate units of software, Version 1.0 at launch with the patches baked in, this comes across as nothing more than a PR exercise so that they can do some damage control prior to the “physical” launch, and also delay the inevitability of these games becoming bargain bin fodder sooner

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