Guns Undarkness - TGS 2022 interview with Shoji Meguro - Gematsu

Guns Undarkness - TGS 2022 interview with Shoji Meguro - Gematsu

Guns Undarkness - TGS 2022 interview with Shoji Meguro - Gematsu
Sep 23, 2022 1 min, 34 secs

At Tokyo Game 2022, we got a chance to sit down with former ATLUS composer Shoji Meguro to discuss his first independent game Guns Undarkness, which was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter.

As Meguro’s first attempt at making his own game, he applied to Kodansha‘s Game Creators Lab, an independent game developer support organization.

All that stayed the same was that I knew I wanted to make a JRPG with guns in a science-fiction setting.”?

Meguro: “No, I don’t like to think about politics, so it’s not focused on any political topics.

This is a bit of a spoiler, but there’s a scene where Will says something like ‘Hey, register your name.'”.

Meguro: “You don’t avoid encounters outright like in some games.

Now that you’re developing a whole game rather than just music, you have to consider many things like modeling, animation, level design, and so on.

When making music for games, are they made knowing its for a specific level or scene, or do you just make a bunch of tracks and apply them later!

Meguro: “80 percent of time I make a track for a specific scene or level, and about 20 percent are songs that I made and get placed after the fact.”.

For video game music, do you have to consider anything game-related like matching the beat to the speed of the character or timing a chorus when some event occurs.

Meguro: “Of course we consider the speed of the track, making sure the song from one scene to the next isn’t too jarring or different—there’s many components involved.

Timing isn’t really something I consider, I just make a different track for a different scene.”.

I hope fans look forward to the music, and also support us in making our first game

As a designer I’m just like a first-grader with no experience

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