Half of COVID-19 Patients Experience Lingering Symptoms for Six Months, Says Study - Yahoo Lifestyle
Oct 16, 2021 1 min, 17 secs

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, researchers and health experts are continuing to look into the virus itself, not to mention the side effects commonly associated with it (e.g. shortness of breath, change in taste or smell).

And while some infected with the virus can typically recover within a few weeks, according to the Mayo Clinic, it appears some may still experience symptoms beyond their initial recovery.

In fact, a new analysis released by researchers at Penn State found that half of COVID-19 survivors worldwide experience lingering effects from the virus for at least six months after infection.

Though all those studied survived the virus, more than half experienced "long-COVID" symptoms, a blanket term for some of the physical and mental health symptoms that arise weeks or even months beyond infection.

Chest pain and palpitations were also common, with 60 percent of survivors showing chest imaging abnormality (think: cloudiness of lungs, hazy white patches caused by the virus...) and more than 25 percent reporting difficulty breathing.

Health experts are looking into why, exactly, this virus seems to cause lingering effects, but researchers told PennLive there could be several potential factors at play: an immune-system response triggered by the virus, lingering infection even after the patient appears to have cleared the virus, and reinfection.

Since the study's data concluded in March 2021, millions of Americans have received initial doses and/or COVID-19 vaccine boosters, thereby ensuring that they're at a much lower risk for suffering lingering effects even if they do experience a breakthrough infection.

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