Halo Infinite Exploit Actually Lets You Fly The Pelican - Kotaku
Jan 13, 2022 1 min, 9 secs
In Halo Infinite, as in previous Halo games, you’re often carted from one key location to the next in a transport vehicle called a pelican.

Yes, developer 343 Industries appears to have gone through the trouble to actually code the pelican as a drivable vehicle in Halo Infinite, which had its campaign launch on Xbox and PC last month.

There are two ways to do so, both of which rely on catching the pelican when it’s dropping a vehicle off at one of Halo Infinite’s forward operating bases (FOBs).

Still, commandeering the pelican is a common tactic for glitch-hunters and speedrunners, who use it to circumvent vast stretches of Infinite’s campaign.

It’s unclear if the pelican exploit is long for this world, or even if it’s an exploit in the first place?

After all, Halo Infinite is intended to be a platform for next-gen Halo, with new multiplayer seasons and potential campaign expansions coming at a regular clip over the next decade?

A semi-functional pelican could always be in Halo Infinite right now as a placeholder.

The possibilities, like the wild places Halo Infinite could go narratively, are endless

When reached for comment about how it ended up in the game in the first place and if there are plans to change it, representatives for Microsoft, Halo Infinite’s publisher, did not immediately have anything to add

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