Halo Infinite’s Rough Start Test Is Slowly Getting Better - Kotaku
Jul 30, 2021 1 min, 42 secs
ET last night, fans expected to give Halo Infinite a spin in the game’s first “technical test.” Instead, technical issues pushed the undefined launch time back by an unspecified amount.

Developer 343 Industries planned a technical test, or “flight”—don’t call it a beta, because it’s not—for Halo Infinite to start yesterday afternoon PT and run through Monday morning PT.

When the Halo Infinite technical test officially went up at 9:19 p.m.

Unlike many pre-release tests, getting into the Halo Infinite flight isn’t as simple as popping onto the Xbox’s Microsoft Store and downloading an app.

(343 Industries has regularly and vocally urged people to sign up over the past few weeks.) Then, if you received an email confirming you were selected, you’d have to head to Halo Waypoint—a hub site where players can check their Halo stats, messages, and more—and check your inbox for instructions on how to download.

(Note: That URL will only work if you’re approved for the Infinite technical test.) Short version: To get into the flight, you’d have to be an Xbox Insider, open the Insider Hub app, check your offered previews, and select the Halo Infinite option, provided you were approved.

According to the Microsoft-approved official channels, yes, the Halo Infinite flight is running smoothly.

ET, the Xbox Support Twitter account thanked players for their patience and said that anyone “expecting to access Halo Infinite through the Xbox Insider Hub app should no longer be stuck in a pending state.”.

Unrelated to Halo specifically, I just find it kind of hilarious that this is exactly what ‘beta’ used to mean - a technical test of specific gameplay elements open to a limited number of public players chosen from a limited audience - but now that ‘beta’ has more or less come to mean ‘demo’ to the public at large, which leads to expectations of polish an early test like this won’t meet, they can’t call it a beta, despite the fact that’s..

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