Harvey Weinstein's ex Georgina Chapman and Adrien Brody make red carpet debut at Tribeca Festival - Daily Mail
Jun 20, 2021 4 mins, 31 secs

Georgina Chapman and her boyfriend Adrien Brody made their long-awaited red carpet debut on Saturday evening for the premiere of his new crime thriller Clean.

The 45-year-old ex-wife of convicted sex offender and former film producer Harvey Weinstein walked the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City with the 48-year-old Oscar-winning actor by her side.

Fresh start: Georgina Chapman, 45, the ex-wife of convicted felon Harvey Weinstein, made her red carpet debut with Adrien Brody, 48, on Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

New film: Adrien looked dapper in a maroon suit.

Moving on: Georgina's relationship with Adrien appears to be her first major coupling since she divorced Weinstein in 2018, shortly after dozens of women accused him of sexual assault and sexual harassment; seen together in 2017.

Georgina's relationship with Adrien appears to be her first major coupling since she divorced Weinstein in 2018.

Georgina's divorce from Weinstein was finalized in January of 2018, and by May the disgraced superproducer had been charged with 'rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse and sexual misconduct for incidents involving two separate women' by the New York District Attorney's Office.

A source told People in March 2020 that Georgina and Adrien work well together because they share 'many of the same interests' and he 'diverts her attention from the pain of her situation and subsequent split'; seen with Weinstein in 2017.

The former film mogul is currently appealing his New York convictions.  .

Despite being married to the convicted criminal for more than a decade, Georgina seems to be trying to hold her head high. .

Not standing in the way: Friends say that the fashion designer 'does not want to be seen as a victim,' a right she reserves for the women abused by her ex-husband; seen in 2017.

She has also had to fight hard to remain in business with her fashion label Marchesa, as her association with Weinstein, whom she married from 2007, has threatened to derail her career.

Fresh start: Georgina on holiday in St Tropez. She met Weinstein at a party in 2004, and had a tiny role in 2006's Factory Girl, produced by Miramax, the company he co-founded.

Adrien, who took home the Best Actor Academy Award for Roman Polanski's film The Pianist, seems to be everything Weinstein was not — charming, discreet and self-deprecatingG

Behind-the-scenes intrigue: Roman Polanski, who directed Brody to an Oscar win for The Pianist, suggested in 2019 that Weinstein had tried to sabotage the film to gin up his own Oscar prospects; seen in 2003 in Cannes, France.

Although Adrien doesn't appear to have strong ties to Weinstein, he has been photographed being chummy with the film mogul over the years, as have many Hollywood stars.

In 2019, director Roman Polanski suggested that Weinstein may have been responsible for a negative publicity campaign in hopes of hurting his film The Pianist, which Brody starred in.

I know that in 2003, Weinstein panicked when The Pianist won two BAFTAs, including Best Film,' he told Paris Match.

In the first five months after he was exposed, Georgina scarcely dared to leave her apartment — she feared that having any kind of public profile might seem disrespectful to his victims. She has undergone therapy to try to cope with her sense of shock and shame; seen in 2009.

She met Weinstein at a party in 2004, and had a tiny role in 2006's Factory Girl, produced by Miramax, the company he co-founded.

It was said that Georgina's mother, in particular, had doubts about her dating Weinstein, already infamous in the film business as a swaggering bully.

Strongarming: Weinstein did his part to try to get his leading actresses to wear Marchesa on the red carpet, though some, including Jessica Chastain, refused; seen in 2014.

Swarovski sponsored Marchesa, they met with the Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe, and Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon gave them advice on getting their clothes on the red carpet.

Georgina moved to New York.

In 2006, the Los Angeles Times published an article titled 'The Harvey Factor?' which observed: 'Competitors complain that Marchesa dresses are worn on the red carpet because the stars — and their agents, managers and lawyers — need to please the powerful Weinstein.

Naturally, Weinstein — who married Georgina in December 2007 at his waterfront Connecticut estate before a star-studded crowd that included Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Renee Zellweger — was among the first investors in the nascent business?

Here the story of Marchesa takes a darker turn, for it was at Cipriani's New York bar Socialista in 2007 that journalist Lauren Sivan encountered Weinstein.

In a better place: Adrien and Georgina are 'very happy', and the new romance is a 'positive' element in the new life she has been building; seen in 2019 in France.

Cate Blanchett wore a Marchesa mini to the Rome premiere of The Aviator, while Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Diane Kruger also graced the red carpet in its gowns.

Actress Jessica Chastain says she was asked to wear Marchesa to the premiere of The Weinstein Company's 2014 film The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby.

On October 5, 2017, as Georgina Chapman was at New York Bridal Week presenting Marchesa's latest collection, The New York Times published its exposé accusing Weinstein of paying off sexual harassment accusers for decades

'I don't think she should be blamed for her husband's behavior,' Wintour said; Georgina and Weinstein seen in 2017

Actress Priyanka Chopra also wore Marchesa at her New York bridal shower, noting: 'Georgina's a friend of mine, and it's not her fault.' 

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