Hispanic Caucus Members Pressure FCC to Scrutinize Miami Radio Station Sale
Apr 15, 2021 1 min, 11 secs
Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) mobilized Wednesday to pressure the Federal Communications Commission to further scrutinize and reject the sale of the well-known Miami radio station Caracol 1260 AM to America CV, which owns the América TeVé network.

"The immediate silencing of progressive voices on South Florida radio is contrary to the public good and importance of varying viewpoints.

Ruben Gallego, who serves of chairman of BOLDPAC, the CHC's political arm, said that he asked the CHC to join him "in opposing this sale" after reading the Newsweek report.

He explained what it means to see a radio station that has been a "trusted, impartial source" among Colombians and Latinos in Miami be taken over "by a radical agenda.".

Martinez, the host who was terminated by America CV, told Newsweek the company was not supposed to make changes to Radio Caracol until the FCC weighs in on the sale?

Announcing the hosts replacing Martinez, he said he should have waited a "prudent" amount of time for the FCC to approve the sale before making editorial changes, but explained the decision by arguing ownership of "the antenna doesn't have to do with programming and programming doesn't depend on that permission."

Former South Florida congressman Joe Garcia told Newsweek the sale involves the use of public airwaves, and there should be standards because it represents a "huge amount of power to give one operator in the market."

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