House committee advances reparations bill: 'We're giving America the opportunity for redemption'
Apr 15, 2021 50 secs
The bill creates a commission to study and make recommendations on reparations.

A bill that will create a commission to study and make recommendations on how to best provide reparations to the descendants of enslaved people in the U.S.

Despite the insidious legacy of slavery in the U.S., Jackson Lee said the commission to study and develop reparations "is really not established in anger, it is not established in anguish.".

Finally, Jackson Lee reiterated that the legislation is "a congressional commission appointed by the government to address the government's behavior of sanctioned slavery, sanctioned imperialism, sanctioned discrimination and sanctioned racism.".

Burgess Owens, a Black Republican from Utah who is against reparations, said during the markup that, "This concept that Black Americans have been used, abused and discarded by white people is bothersome to me.".

Late last year, California green lit a law that establishes a task force to study and make recommendations on reparations -- legislation that is very similar to the framework of H.R

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