How Burnout Physically Changes Your Brain (It's Not Pretty) - Inc.

How Burnout Physically Changes Your Brain (It's Not Pretty) - Inc.

How Burnout Physically Changes Your Brain (It's Not Pretty) - Inc.
Aug 09, 2022 51 secs

We tend to think of burnout as an emotional or mental condition, and it certainly does have emotional and mental effects.

Research shows that, when it comes to burnout, those brain changes are anything but minor. .

"The two groups showed key differences in the amygdala -- a brain structure that is critical in emotional reactions including fear and aggression.

Participants in the burnout group had relatively enlarged amygdalae, and also appeared to have significantly weaker connections between the amygdala and brain areas linked to emotional distress, specifically the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC)?

The burnout sufferers also had weaker connections between the amygdala and the medial prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain involved in executive function or the ability to stifle impulses, make long-term plans, and control our behavior in order to carry them out. .

Studies in mice show it's possible, and a 2018 study in people found cognitive behavioral therapy for burnout reduced the size of the amygdala and returned the prefrontal cortex to pre-stress levels," reports CNN

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