How Emotionally Intelligent People Use the Rule of Rewiring to Hack Their Brains and Change Their Habits - Inc.

How Emotionally Intelligent People Use the Rule of Rewiring to Hack Their Brains and Change Their Habits - Inc.

How Emotionally Intelligent People Use the Rule of Rewiring to Hack Their Brains and Change Their Habits - Inc.
Jun 26, 2022 58 secs

You might feel like you're a victim of your brain's emotional programming, and there's nothing you can do to change it.

I like to call it: the Rule of Rewiring?

What is the Rule of Rewiring, and how can it help you rewire your brain and exchange bad habits for better ones.

(If you find value in the "Rule of Rewiring," you might be interested in my emotional intelligence course--which includes 20 more rules that help you develop your emotional intelligence. Check out the course here.).

Instead, you can use the Rule of Rewiring to reprogram your thoughts and establish new (and better) habits.

If you want to change a habit, you must first be properly motivated?

You need to be fully convinced that the habit needs changing and you must truly want to make the change?

To do this, you need to find your "why." Why do you want (and need) to change this habit.

Emily, for example, wants to spend more time with her family and strengthen important relationships outside of work.

Over time, it will allow you to rewire your brain and replace bad habits with good ones

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