How To Identify Music From Movies, Shows, and Ads - Gizmodo

How To Identify Music From Movies, Shows, and Ads - Gizmodo

How To Identify Music From Movies, Shows, and Ads - Gizmodo
Aug 16, 2022 1 min, 12 secs

There are numerous apps to choose from if you need to identify a piece of music, and they can often get a match in just a few seconds—even if there’s some dialog or other sounds playing over the top.

Enable Show search button on the lock screen to get a manual search option too, and Now Playing history to keep a log of identified songs.

There are some very comprehensive databases on the web, for example, that dutifully log music that shows up in advertising, movies, shows, and just about anywhere else it might be heard.

There are yet more ways of tracking down a particular piece of music based on where you heard it or what it sounded like.

Maybe try searching your favorite music streaming service for the soundtrack accompanying the relevant television show or movie, for example: This can be a useful way of finding an alternative version of a song or a more obscure tune that isn’t picked up by an app or listed on a database.

Wikipedia is always a useful resource for just about anything, and it has detailed pages for a lot of movies and television shows.

Running a Twitter search might bring up some results, if people with more followers than you are also asking about a particular song that just featured in a particular TV episode—the more popular the show, the higher the chance that people are talking about it

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