How to Set Up Every iOS 14.5 Feature Worth Knowing About - Lifehacker
May 05, 2021 1 min, 51 secs
It’s been just over a week since iOS 14.5 debuted, and we’ve spent a chunk of time going over the most interesting features the operating system has to offer.

This is one update I wouldn’t wait to install, if for nothing else than it’s the only way your iPhone will tell you if someone has slipped an AirTag tracker into something you’re carrying around.

After all, it’s not like Apple opens up a big “here’s what we added” window to kick off your brand-new iOS 14.5 life.

One of the very best features of iOS 14.5 is its new app-tracking controls, which you’ll find at Settings > Privacy > Tracking.

iPhone 11 owners take note: When you install iOS 14.5 and go to check on your iPhone’s battery life, you’ll probably notice that the feature is doing a little recalibrating.

If you want to add a little elegance (or lasers) to your animated videos, simply grab Apple’s Clips app, pull out your fancy, LIDAR-friendly iPhone or iPad, and get shootin’.

Don’t worry, the regular Siri you’ve come to know and love isn’t going anywhere, but you’ll now be prompted whether you want a stereotypically male- or female-sounding Siri the next time you set up your iPhone from scratch.

I’m not sugarcoating it when I say that iOS 14.5 is perhaps one of the most important updates you can install on your iPhone.

That’s not necessarily because it’s jam-packed with features, like what you’ll undoubtedly see when it jumps to iOS 15.

This might stick for some time until you’re prompted again; the prompt might also reappear if you ask Siri to play a different kind of media than what you mentioned the first time (a song versus a podcast, for example)

Anyway, play around with this, because it’s the closest you’ll get to forcing a default app for music (or podcasts) on iOS—for now

Please do so only if it’s safe for you to make that report, which you’ll do by tapping the big “Report” button after pulling up the menu at the bottom of your screen while your driving directions are running

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