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Jul 31, 2020 1 min, 38 secs
August is the time for photographing the annual Perseid meteor shower.

Hence the name Perseid meteor shower.

Shooting the Perseid Meteor Shower in 2016 at the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands, one of the darkest locations in the Netherlands.

In this article I want to show you how to use the app Photopills, to prepare yourself for the best meteor shower photo ever.

A dark location is preferable, because it will make photographing meteors much easier.

Find a nice location for photographing shootings stars.

You can find lots of information about every annual meteor shower.

As you can see, the Perseids is one of the most active showers.

If you swipe down, you can also find a nice graph showing the activity, together with other active meteor showers..

Photopills has a lot of information about meteor showers.

Choose the date of the maximum, which you have found on the meteor shower information page.

Just swipe to the last page that shows meteor showers.

To load the correct meteor shower, open the layers menu by the button on the bottom right, and activate the meteor showers layer.

Return to the map, and you will see an arc showing you the exact location of the meteor shower radiant.

Activate the meteor shower layer, and choose the Perseids 2020.

Find out before the night of the Perseids is here. With the meteor shower layer active, you can activate the augmented reality in the Photopills planner.

The movement of the radiant is also projected, to see the exact location on site.

Scouting is a good idea and with the Augmented Reality function you can see where the radiant of the meteor shower will be.

I have some tips on photographing meteor showers, that may increase the chance of capturing shooting stars.

Please share your plans on shooting this meteor shower, and any tips for our readers on photographing the Perseid meteor shower

With a meteor shower, the meteors are unpredictable as you said in your article:

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