'I was sad. It was sad': Voters bemoan nasty debate
Oct 01, 2020 1 min, 24 secs
LAS VEGAS (AP) — Donald Trump and Joe Biden debated.

None said it would change their minds on how they planned to vote.

Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacy reaffirmed for him as a Black man that voting is not enough — he must urge other people, specifically his Black friends and family, to vote, something he doesn’t normally do, he said.

If Trump were to give an inch, you can bet Biden and the left would have savaged him over it,” he said.

Keith Valentine, a 37-year-old Las Vegas Democrat, said the president behaved like “a narcissist,” and he turned off his television after watching the debate for about 10 minutes.

Be a woman in America,” said Valentine, who is Black.

“I’m not sure if any of the debates are going to change anybody’s mind,” said Girgis, who intends to vote for Biden.

He said he had already planned to vote for Biden but was taken aback by Trump’s behavior, which he called “unseemly.”.

“But my wife and I watched the debate last night and were just sickened by the spectacle of this man, who the nations of the world are supposed to look up to, disparaging Biden, no matter what you think of Biden and his years in Washington.”.

Across the country in front of her central Las Vegas apartment, 61-year-old Maria Loomis, a new Republican, said the debate reaffirmed her decision to vote for the president.

Loomis, who registered for the first time to cast her ballot for Trump this year, acknowledged her candidate was often the aggressor, but said she thought the former vice president didn’t have much to say and appeared weak

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