In Media Availability, Public Health Officer Issues Grave Warning About Gathering During the Holidays, and During the Case Spike - Lost Coast Outpost
Nov 21, 2020 3 mins, 36 secs
in the community are concerned about what they’re seeing in terms of rising case counts per day,.

I want to make it clear I am also very concerned and the trend that we’re seeing is alarming.

that when we look at our local case counts we’ve more than tripled those in very recently.

We’ve been luckier than most for a very long time, but again, I think we’re seeing the drivers.

The second point I want to make is that we know that when we reach out to positive cases sometimes.

people have been doing things that they know we have not been advising, and I think there’s some.

I just want to emphasize that particularly as our case counts rise we don’t have the time to.

Let us know what really happened and we’ll work with you to try and contain.

What advice would you give people who think that testing negative on a single.

And so I think people need to take that into consideration when they’re dealing with friends.

So I think if people are.

testing a day before gathering, that’s great, you know you’re negative that day, it means nothing.

We’ve been planning essentially around the possibility of a full surge,  meaning where we’re seeing a lot of impact on healthcare capacity and all that we’ve been.

testing availability and we’re asking the community of course to really follow the.

The best case scenario

Well, I think there are some really good lessons learned

Distancing: we know that closer is clearly more

You know there really

It’s a really good question, again, and we don’t know, we simply don’t know

You know, we don’t tend to see long-term impact of influenza per se

With COVID we really don’t know

We certainly know that there are people who are experiencing more long-term and chronic effects

of this, we know there can be cardiac effects of this, so again it’s a reason why even people who

are younger and healthier individuals we want to avoid infection because we don’t know how

Well, the short answer is we don’t know yet

that intervals may be changed because of this going forward, but I don’t know yet. 

you expect local case numbers to increase, remain consistent or decline over the coming two weeks?”

You know, we really don’t track the data that way, so I’m really not able

and working in close contact often, and we are seeing you know infections in that setting

You know, it’s more anecdotal from our standpoint as we look at sort of the histories on the cases

that we’re seeing a disproportionate impact in those communities

Why do you think there may be more cases tied to one than the other?”

I think that for the voting — for instance, on Election Day — what we know about significant

which are typically — we’re seeing at least now — indoors, often unmasked and not distanced. 

accessibility to testing would impact our case count, amount of virus circulating

Is anything being done to increase testing and make sure those community

Testing is an underpinning of response in this and so we’ve been

ever done, and there are days I believe where we’re testing as many as 250, 260 samples

When you consider that when the pandemic started the lab was doing 30 samples — actually at the very beginning there wasn’t local testing available, we had to send it

And then, again, we’re really working on our regional lab asset as well, that we’ve referenced

state, another county, we may test them here, they may become part of a case investigation while

they’re here, but that case is reported in their county of residence

that we are following cases here that are really not reported out as local cases, so they don’t

count in our tally for Humboldt County cases

asks, “Given that the state assigns cases in this way, is the county obliged for its own purposes

to keep a separate ledger of cases acquired here or cases that the local medical system is handling

We do keep a log of cases and we either put them in our case count or don’t

do have that data, we do follow those cases, but you know, again, we do not count them in our daily

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