Incredible Images Reveal a Single Moment on Jupiter in Different Wavelengths of Light - ScienceAlert
May 12, 2021 51 secs

But that's only how Jupiter looks in optical wavelengths, though.

These different wavelengths, showing such very different faces of Jupiter, are the subject of a new image release from the National Science Foundation's National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory (NOIRLab), showcasing how multi-wavelength astronomy can provide us with a holistic dataset revealing complexities that can't be seen in one wavelength alone.

Wong (UC Berkeley) et al./M. Zamani).

de Pater (UC Berkeley) et al./M. Zamani).

The Great Red Spot, so vivid in visible light and ultraviolet, practically disappears in infrared, only discernible by its outline, and a thin crack in the cyclone's otherwise thick cloud.

de Pater (UC Berkeley) et al./M. Zamani).

Gemini, Hubble, and Juno observations appeared together in a study last year, finally revealing that the darker streak in the Great Red Spot was in fact a streak of thinner cloud, as well as the structure of the clouds where lightning strikes - the latter detected as radio signals by Juno.

de Pater (UC Berkeley) et al./M. Zamani)

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