India's Covid crisis: Your questions answered - BBC News
May 01, 2021 2 mins, 45 secs

That kind of situation, where we don't keep social distancing, will usually keep coming back to hurt you.

Firstly, the need to get into a hospital and have a bed with oxygen where they can feel a bit secure.

Yogita Limaye, BBC India correspondent, answers: In 2018, India's spending on healthcare was 1.28% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

From numbers published by the Indian government in 2019-20, there is one doctor per 1,456 people in the country.

In smaller cities, towns and rural areas, the situation is particularly bad.

In some parts of the country, people have to travel miles to get to any kind of medical services.

Yogita Limaye, BBC India correspondent, answers:Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he held three meetings on Tuesday to discuss ways to scale up oxygen capacities and medical infrastructure.

Trains and military aircraft are being pressed into action to speed up the transport of oxygen supplies.

There is a sense of abandonment in the country, of people being left to fend for themselves.

James Gallagher, BBC health and science correspondent, answers:The population of India is in excess of one billion.

The people who are dying in India today were infected weeks ago and the huge surge in the virus since then is likely to lead to a similar surge in deaths.

Sima Kotecha, Newsnight correspondent, BBC News, answers: The depth of feeling among people of South Asian heritage here is inescapable.

Many are desperate to help, so various UK charities have set up donation pages to raise money for oxygen concentrators as the country grapples with a severe shortage.

When you have people who are in ICU, or even a step down from that, they sometimes require high flow nasal cannulas and between 10 and 40 litres of oxygen.When you have hospitals that become Covid hospitals, the total consumption of oxygen is far more than you would normally expect.

Yogita Limaye, BBC India correspondent, answers:India has administered just under 150 million doses of vaccine.

But it's unclear what stock of vaccines India currently has, and how quickly it will be able to vaccinate people.

Vikas Pandey, India editor, BBC News website, answers:It is too early to judge the political implications for the Modi government or the state governments.

"Mostly, people ignore the initial symptoms and reach out for healthcare when their situation deteriorates.".

James Gallagher, BBC health and science correspondent answers: It is unlikely to have a major impact, because the UK has massively overbought vaccines to the tune of 500 million doses.

While only three types are currently being used, the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines would not be affected by the situation in India.

James Gallagher, BBC health and science correspondent, answers:One reason people are dying in India is the number of cases has overwhelmed the ability of some hospitals to treat them.

Covid is deadly even with the best care, but when there are not enough doctors or oxygen to go round, then people die who would survived if they were treated.

Vikas Pandey, India editor, BBC News website, answers:We haven't heard about the shortage of dry wood for cremations at the moment.

'A horror story': India Covid deaths pass 200,000

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