Oct 11, 2021 45 secs

Hundreds of protesters led by Indigenous activists from across the country demonstrated in front of the White House on Monday to demand that Joe Biden stop approving fossil fuel projects and declare the climate crisis a national emergency.

The demonstrations are part of People v Fossil Fuels protests, organized by a coalition of groups known as Build Back Fossil Free, who are urging the Biden administration take further action to reduce carbon-producing fossil fuel projects.

The protests were non-violent but dozens of demonstrators were subjected to police use of a long range acoustic device, which emits a piercing sound, according to video footage captured by Indigenous campaigners?

“Proclamations don’t erase the police surveillance of Indigenous peoples standing for our land and water, beatings, and imprisonment for those trying to stop pipelines, fracking, uranium, and other extractive industries from devastating our ecosystems and our bodies and violating our rights,” IEN said

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