Is 512GB Enough Storage For The New Xbox Series S? - Kotaku
Sep 14, 2020 2 mins, 1 sec

This week we Ask Kotaku: Is 512GB enough storage for Microsoft’s just-announced, next-gen console Xbox Series S?

Moral of the story is that if I can’t even expend the extra brain power to figure out how to clean all my dishes at once I’m not going to be figuring out the best way to Jenga the shit out of 512GB so I can actually play all the games I want to play when I want to play them.

I have no idea what next-gen will bring but somehow much smaller games with fewer updates doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards and I am not prepared to spend 15 minutes every night managing uploads and downloads and hunting for the Ethernet cord so it doesn’t all take an eternity.

In 2020, with games routinely consuming tens of gigabytes and sometimes over a hundred, 512GB is the absolute minimum a “next-generation” system could offer with a straight face.

And just as with those 8 and 16GB phones, 512GB Xbox Series S owners are going to feel the space squeeze.

While noticeably better, it’s not like the Xbox Series X’s 1TB or the PlayStation 5’s 825GB are massive, either.

Between these consoles and a long-overdue PC I want to build, I really hope SSD prices fall fast enough to catch up to games somewhat over the next few years.

Video games, of course, have ballooned in size over the course of this last console generation?

Where it once could hold a robust library of games, my launch-edition Xbox One currently has room for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo 5: Guardians, and a rotating handful of smaller games, depending on what Game Pass offerings are for any given month?

Seven years from now, will the Xbox Series S have room for whatever version of Halo Infinite we’re on, and nothing else.

I caved and picked up an Xbox One for The Master Chief Collection (even though that game didn’t start working until four years later).

I’ll almost assuredly pick up some manner of next-gen Xbox box for playing Halo Infinite in all its glory.

In that way, a digital storage constraint can be healthy for those of us who try to play too many games and need to be saved from having an endless backlog.

Or does the rather small drive put you off a digital-only console like the Series S.

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