Is Halo switching to Unreal Engine? Here's what we know. - Windows Central

Is Halo switching to Unreal Engine? Here's what we know. - Windows Central

Is Halo switching to Unreal Engine? Here's what we know. - Windows Central
Oct 03, 2022 2 mins, 12 secs

In conversations with 343i staff past and present who wished to remain anonymous, Halo Infinite's internal Slipspace Engine has been blamed for much of the problems with the game's on-going development.

At its core, Sean W reported that Halo's Tatanka battle royale-like mode may be moving over to the Unreal Engine.

Information I received during the original Tatanka leak earlier in the year suggested that the game was supposed to incorporate Halo Infinite's Forge user generated content systems, alongside progression from Halo Infinite itself.

On the face of it, switching it out to a new engine would potentially be incongruous with the design goal of incorporating Halo Infinite content, which would continue to exist on a separate engine entirely?

Right now, it doesn't seem like there's any real indication that Halo Infinite itself is winding down, though.

Halo Infinite's live service simply wasn't ready when the game launched to critical acclaim both from fans and media alike last year.

While there were reservations about the relatively anaemic offering of maps, modes, and progression, everyone seemed eager to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt — surely the company that pioneered the idea of a console service game would have Halo Infinite nailed.

Fast forward to now, and we know that Halo Infinite's live service simply wasn't ready.

Right now, it doesn't seem like there's any real indication that Halo Infinite itself is winding down, though.

The one consistent area of irritation falls on the Slipspace Engine, however, which has become somewhat notorious in commentary surrounding Halo Infinite for its difficult implementation. .

I know from information and conversations that I've had about Tatanka that the game was supposed to incorporate Halo Infinite, and Certain Affinity received Halo Infinite's source code to build out its implementation.

We know from leaks in the Halo API some fragments about how Tatanka is meant to play, although if the game is indeed switching engine as rumored, it's essentially anyone's guess just how much of the original plan will be retained. .

On a different engine, it may scupper Microsoft's original plan to incorporate the Forge mapping tools, but they could still bring across Halo Infinite's cosmetics potentially by leveraging Halo's social APIs. .

Halo Infinite's live service support hasn't been the best, but it's still a crisp and competitive arena shooter that modernizes the classic formula for a new age

Microsoft's use of contractors also potentially compounds the issues with Slipspace, since training new staff to use the tools used by literally nobody else in the games industry doubtless creates a deficit on speed — and speed is absolutely key in today's live service game world

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