James Michael Tyler, actor who played Gunther on
Oct 25, 2021 58 secs

Actor James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther on the sitcom "Friends," died Sunday morning from prostate cancer at his home in Los Angeles, Tyler's manager confirmed to CBS News.

In June, Tyler said he was at an annual checkup when the cancer as first caught.

"Nearly immediately, my doctor called me and said 'Hey, I need you to come in tomorrow because I suspect that you may have quite a serious problem with your prostate,'" Tyler said.

Prostate cancer, one of the most common types of cancer, often grows slowly and stays confined to the prostate gland, according to the Mayo Clinic. However other types of prostate cancer are aggressive and can spread quickly

While low-grade prostate cancer may not need treatment right away or ever, prostate cancer can be treated by removing the prostate or with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other treatments, according to Mayo Clinic

Prostate cancer in particular is almost 99% treatable if detected early and those with a history of prostate, ovarian, breast, colon or pancreatic cancers among male and female relatives should begin to discuss screening starting at about 40 years old, according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation

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