Jen Psaki: Biden Knows He Is 'Not Always the Most Effective Messenger' on Vaccines
Jan 14, 2022 46 secs
White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted Thursday that President Joe Biden was “not the most effective messenger” when it came to convincing unvaccinated Americans to take the coronavirus vaccine shot.

It was not the first time Psaki had noted that many Americans did not take their health advice from the president — and that some Americans would be inclined to ignore him for political reasons — but she stressed the importance of vaccination in any case.

Asked whether the White House had any “evidence” or “sound basis” for believing that Biden could succeed in urging the unvaccinated to change their minds, Psaki said that “more than 80% of the country has gotten at least one dose.”.

The White House recently expressed appreciation to President Donald Trump for his role in developing the vaccines, and for encouraging his supporters to be vaccinated and to take the booster shot, though it has not asked him to play a larger role.

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