Joe Biden's DHS Pick Promises Wage Raises from Amnesty, Migration
Dec 04, 2020 1 min, 53 secs
Former Vice President Joe Biden’s nominee to run the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says Americans’ wages will rise amid a huge inflow of amnestied migrants and new immigrants.

“Creating a new immigration system will help create jobs, raise wages, and grow our economy, not just for immigrant communities, but for all our families across this great, great country,” Alejandro Mayorkas told a pro-amnesty group, the American Business Immigration Council, on December 3.

In reality, the overwhelming flood of studies and anecdotal reports show that the government’s support for legal and illegal migration is a wealth redistribution process that moves Americans’ wages to migrants, employers, and investors — even as the migrants also expand the economy, raise real estate values, boost investors, grow government, and supercharge coastal states.

In 2020, for example, the Census Bureau reported that median household wages rose by 7 percent during 2019, following decades of minimal gains.

A September 2020 report by the Federal Reserve concluded that the family median income level of high school graduates rose by six percent in 2019, while the median or midpoint income of college graduates fell by two percent.

In the 2020 election, Trump’s support remained strong among blue-collar Americans but fell among white-collar graduates.

A recent academic paper says a sudden migration by Americans can boost housing prices by eight percent for every one percent increase in a city’s population.

Business groups favor immigration because it reduces Americans’ wages — but also because it stimulates consumer demand and raises housing prices.

But federal evidence shows that the vast majority of supposedly high-skilled migrants and visa workers are modestly skilled, rarely develop new products, and are mostly used to replace Americans in mid-skilled and starter jobs.

The Democrats are backing Mayorkas, even though there is minimal public support — and declining Democrat support — for cheap labor immigration policies. Just 19 percent of all voters support the establishment’s preference for importing foreign workers, and 66 percent prefer the populist demand for “businesses to raise [Americans’] pay and try harder to recruit non-working Americans,” says Rasmussen Reports.

But support for migration among Democrat leaders is not driven by polls or the promise of wage raises. Instead, it is driven by Democrats’ progressive elitist vision of themselves as champions for foreigners, guides for business elites, and leaders of Americans.

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