John Wayne’s son responds to resolution calling for John Wayne Airport to be renamed
Jun 29, 2020 1 min, 38 secs

Ethan Wayne, John Wayne's youngest son, talks about what it was like growing up with his famous father and how he's keeping his legacy alive today.

John Wayne’s son is speaking out after California Democrats in Orange County recently demanded that the county’s John Wayne Airport be renamed and all likenesses of Wayne be removed from the airport, over “racist and bigoted statements” made by the American icon decades ago.

In a statement to Fox News on Monday, Ethan Wayne said: "Let me make one thing clear -- John Wayne was not a racist.

"There is no question that the words spoken by John Wayne in an interview 50 years ago have caused pain and anger," Ethan continued, referencing the late actor’s 1971 interview with Playboy. "They pained him as well, as he realized his true feelings were wrongly conveyed.".

Ethan Wayne, 8, gets a hug from dad, John Wayne, after filming a shootout scene with outlaws in 'The Million Dollar Kidnapping.'.


"One thing we know – if John Wayne were here today, he would be in the forefront demanding fairness and justice for all people," Ethan said. "He would have pulled those officers off of George Floyd, because that was the right thing to do.

The push to oust Wayne, who was a longtime county resident, from the airport's name has a lengthy history. The airport, which is in the heart of Orange County, dates back decades and county officials voted to change the name to remember Wayne when he died

Deanne Thompson, an airport spokeswoman, has previously said the county has no plans to change the name or remove a statue of Wayne from the airport, though the issue comes up periodically, including last year

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