Jury expected to be empaneled Tuesday in R. Kelly's federal trial - Chicago Tribune

Jury expected to be empaneled Tuesday in R. Kelly's federal trial - Chicago Tribune

Jury expected to be empaneled Tuesday in R. Kelly's federal trial - Chicago Tribune
Aug 16, 2022 1 min, 26 secs

The jury of 12 regular members and six alternates was sworn in by U.S.

The makeup of the regular jury is: Four white women, four Black women, two white men, and two Black men.

Many of those on the panel said they’d heard of Kelly and the accusations against him before, but could remain fair.

One of the Black women selected for the jury said she thinks she’d seen all 12 episodes of the series, but insisted it would not affect her ability to be fair — a comment that prompted some audible snickers from a few Kelly supporters watching from the courtroom gallery on Monday.

The final panel was selected after prosecutors and attorneys for Kelly and his two-co-defendants used their peremptory strikes to further pare down the jury pool.

Things got testy when Kelly’s lead attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, successfully challenged three of the prosecution’s strikes of Black jurors, alleging they were based solely on race.

She said prosecutors were displaying a pattern against Black jurors that was “quite disturbing,” though Assistant U.S.

“It’s been a long day,” Leinenweber said from the bench after jurors were excused for the night.

The trial is expected to last about four weeks.

And important evidence related to Kelly’s 2008 trial in Cook County Circuit Court were destroyed after the standard seven years had passed, McDavid’s attorneys argue.

The majority of those who were dismissed “for cause” by the judge said they would have trouble being fair to Kelly due to what they already knew about the case.

The trial is Kelly’s first criminal case to go before a jury in his hometown since his stunning acquittal 14 years ago on the Cook County case.

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