Jun 22, 2021 1 min, 18 secs

Americans rushing out to buy fireworks for the Fourth of July this year are going to find a limited selection and higher prices — or empty shelves.

Now it’s fireworks supplies that are fizzling.

The fireworks industry warns that supply ahead of Independence Day will be down about 30 percent this year due to supply chain issues.

Last year, the United States imported about 255 million pounds of fireworks, mostly from China, according to data from the research firm IHS Markit.

Companies increased their orders after record-breaking sales last year neared $2 billion, meaning this year there could be a shortfall of over 76 million pounds of fireworks?

This year, he said he will go "potluck," asking guests to bring any fireworks they see along the way — telling friends: "Don’t be shocked by [price] surprises.

At larger national stores, prices have gone up as much as 30 percent, said William Weimer, vice president and general counsel of Phantom Fireworks, a national consumer fireworks retailer, to control demand and pass on rising shipping costs they can’t avoid.

But even then, it can be another 100 days until drivers pick them up, said Ed Vasel, vice president of the National Fireworks Association, an industry trade group

“What could be a booming business, it’s just not happening,” he said

For the best bang for the buck, shop for 200-gram “cakes,” which are smaller blocks of fireworks fused together, said Jim Priebe, who puts on “pyromusicals,” or firework displays set to music

Shop early for best selection,” said Joe VanOudenhove III, co-owner of the Florida-based Sky King fireworks chain

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