Kanye West & John Legend's Brotherly Bond Is No More Because Of Donald Trump - HipHopDX

Kanye West & John Legend's Brotherly Bond Is No More Because Of Donald Trump - HipHopDX

Kanye West & John Legend's Brotherly Bond Is No More Because Of Donald Trump - HipHopDX
Aug 05, 2022 51 secs

Kanye West and John Legend are no longer close friends, and apparently it’s all because of Donald Trump.

“[Kanye and I] aren’t friends as much as we used to be,” John Legend told host David Axelrod.

Still, Legend attempted to keep things amicable at the time, concluding the moment by writing in response: “Think freely.

Music affiliate told Axelrod things took a turn when Ye hired one of Donald Trump’s lawyers to help his 2020 presidential run, which spurred Legend to speak out publicly against his former friend on social media.

“I think he’s been very open with who he is and his struggles with mental health,” he said

So I think there’s not a lot about him that people don’t get… Like he’s been pretty upfront with his opinions, his struggles, all the things that he’s dealing with

And I think what you see with him is pretty much what you get.”

John Legend and Kanye West were thick as thieves before this fallout

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