Kasich shrugs off CNN uproar about Michael Flynn pardon during clash with Jim Acosta: 'Let's move on' - Fox News
Nov 26, 2020 1 min, 12 secs
John Kasich shocked a CNN panel Wednesday during the network's wall-to-wall condemnation of President Trump over his pardon of former National Security Adviser Gen.

During a panel discussion, Jim Acosta began by noting how prominent Republicans are "cheering this development" and asked Kasich, a persistent Trump critic, what his "message was to fellow Republicans.".

Every president has the ability to pardon ...

And frankly, he's done! He's gonna leave.

Can we just, like, move on a little bit?" Kasich asked.

People are beginning to say, 'You know what, this is not so bad!' And so, that's kind of where my head is.".

"Presidents have the ability to do a pardon, Jim, and he's gonna do more pardons" Kasich repeated

"You know, I want to move on," Kasich snapped

He's gonna do some things that we're not going to like, but, you know, I'm ready to move on."

I'm thinking about Joe Biden, who he's gonna put in, what's his policies going to be, that's where my head is

And that's no disrespect to the legal beagles here, I'm just telling you were I am and, frankly, I think that's where most Americans are gonna be."

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