Lena Dunham Talks About Her “COVID Story” On Instagram, Still Has After-Effects From Virus - Deadline
Aug 01, 2020 51 secs

“Seeing the carelessness with which so many in the United States are treating social distancing … I feel compelled to be honest about the impact this illness has had on me, in the hopes that personal stories allow us to see the humanity in what can feel like abstract situations,” she wrote.

A hacking cough, like a metronome keeping time.

It felt like I was a complex machine that had been unplugged and then had my wires rerouted into the wrong inputs.

This went on for 21 days … that blended together like a rave gone wrong.”.

“To be clear, I did NOT have these particular issues before I got sick with this virus and doctors don’t yet know enough to tell me why exactly my body responded this way or what my recovery will look like.

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