Lina Khan, Prominent Big Tech Critic, Will Lead The FTC - NPR
Jun 15, 2021 58 secs
The Senate on Tuesday confirmed to the Federal Trade Commission 32-year-old Lina Khan, a prominent critic of Big Tech and favorite among progressives.

The Senate on Tuesday confirmed to the Federal Trade Commission 32-year-old Lina Khan, a prominent critic of Big Tech and favorite among progressives.

President Joe Biden has named Lina Khan as the chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission, giving the regulatory authority's top spot to one of Silicon Valley's most prominent critics.

Democrats will now have a majority on the five-member commission, which Khan likely will steer toward more aggressive examination of tech companies' alleged abuse of monopoly power.

Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., said Khan leading the FTC is "tremendous news," saying in a statement that "giant tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon deserve the growing scrutiny they are facing and consolidation is choking off competition across American industries.".

She argued that tech companies have used predatory tactics to kick competitors out of the game, which she says should be seen as illegal under fair competition laws.

Still, Khan's confirmation on Tuesday was hailed by those pushing for greater enforcement of competition laws, like the Washington-based American Economic Liberties Project

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