Liz Cheney: I was wrong to oppose gay marriage in the past - Fox News
Sep 27, 2021 1 min, 16 secs

Cheney, R-Wyo., a fierce critic of fellow Republican Donald Trump, also tells CBS News’ "60 Minutes" that she views her reelection campaign as the most important House race in the nation as forces aligned with the former president try to unseat her.

In the interview aired Sunday night, Cheney said she had little affection for President Joe Biden, who she believes has embraced harmful polices for the economy and national security with the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney was an ascendant Republican leader before the Jan.

Cheney, 55, noted that she still talks with her father every night and that they share the same views on rejecting Trump.

In the interview, Cheney said her opposition to gay marriage was misguided and she channeled her sister-in-law’s Facebook post in explaining why she changed her position.

Trump continues to falsely claim election fraud in spite of results being certified by states and Republican election officials and courts rejecting dozens of legal challenges.

After voting to impeach Trump, Cheney lost her leadership post as chair of the House Republican Conference.

"A vote against me in this race, a vote for whomever Donald Trump has endorsed, is a vote for somebody who’s willing to perpetuate the big lie, somebody who’s willing to put allegiance to Trump above allegiance to the Constitution, absolutely."

The Wyoming congresswoman criticized House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California for sticking with Trump after the assault on the Capitol

"What he’s done is embrace Donald Trump," she said

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