McDonald’s, Travis Scott's McNugget body pillow is a hit on social media - Fox News
Sep 16, 2020 1 min, 12 secs

Fans of chicken nuggets can cuddle up with a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget body pillow.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s announced it was partnering with the Billboard Music Award winner on a unique “capsule merch collection.” And the limited-edition McNugget body pillow just so happens to be included in the lineup.

McDonald's and American rapper Travis Scott collaborated on a "Cactus Jack" merchandise line, which included a 3-foot McNugget pillow.

“Idk who is spending $90 on a McNugget Cactus Jack body pillow, but honestly we probably have a lot in common” tweeted Kate Taylor on Thursday, who is a senior correspondent at Business Insider.

“Bro i literally dropped $120 on a 36 inch mcnugget body pillow,” the user, Sehun Han, wrote the same day McDonald’s first announced its capsule collection with Scott – Sept.

Some Twitter users posted all the different ways they’d show their thanks to someone who purchased a McNugget body pillow.

“If a girl bought me a ps5 or that McDonald's x Travis Scott mcnugget body pillow I will tattoo their name on my forehead,” wrote Justin Vincent, which showed the comfy bedtime item was on par with Sony’s upcoming game console for at least one person.

Resellers have already listed the McNugget body pillow at $399 and $450 on online marketplaces like eBay and StockX.

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