Microsoft Explains Why Elder Scrolls VI Will Be Exclusive And Call Of Duty Won't - Kotaku

Microsoft Explains Why Elder Scrolls VI Will Be Exclusive And Call Of Duty Won't - Kotaku

Microsoft Explains Why Elder Scrolls VI Will Be Exclusive And Call Of Duty Won't - Kotaku
Nov 23, 2022 57 secs

In a response to the UK market regulator’s statement about the acquisition, the publisher suggests that it makes good business sense for them to make a “mid-sized” game like the upcoming Elder Scrolls VI exclusive, while also arguing that there’s just too much money to be made from having Call of Duty on PlayStation to pull that from Sony’s platform.

ZeniMax and Bethesda games that were released before the acquisition are still available on the PlayStation store at the time of writing.

Microsoft also seems to be arguing that making Elder Scrolls VI an Xbox and PC exclusive would not significantly harm Sony—which definitely suggests the upcoming title could be skipping PlayStation.

By placing a statement about it under a section about “mid-sized games”, it argues that Elder Scrolls isn’t anywhere comparable to the popularity of Minecraft or Call of Duty, which are two titles that will remain available on the PlayStation.

The company also points out that the last Elder Scrolls game was released in 2011 in an attempt to further refute claims that it would be “disenfranchising” PlayStation players by not releasing it on the platform.

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