Microsoft is embarrassing itself and customers can see it - ZDNet
Nov 21, 2021 1 min, 45 secs
It doesn't show customers just how excellent it is.

Instead, Microsoft chooses to force it upon them like a cruel school nurse in a 1950s British horror movie?

The latest episode began with Redmond making it harder to set anything other than Edge as your Windows 11 browser.

Now, it involves the company blocking helpful tools like Edge Deflector and Search Deflector.

Well, they allow human Windows 11 users to choose which browser they prefer, rather than have, in the case of certain links, Edge foisted upon them by the fidgety fists of Microsoft.

Did I mention that Edge is a very fine product.

Did I mention that Microsoft's stance feels slightly counterproductive.

(Even if Apple occasionally gets upset that you're using Edge.)?

Yet here is Microsoft offering my colleague Mary Jo Foley these words of explanation: "Windows openly enables applications and services on its platform, including various web browsers?

Windows 11 is an upcoming release of Microsoft's flagship operating system and the successor to Windows 10.

Is Microsoft truly suggesting that Edge somehow uplifts the Windows link-opening experience where, say, its birth-mother, Chrome, doesn't?

Perhaps Microsoft should redirect its efforts toward treating its customers like people who make their own choices.

The answer, one imagines, is that Microsoft wants to gain browser market share and doesn't care how it does it.

But did I mention Edge is a fine product.

From the very beginning of Edge, Microsoft managed to annoy Windows 7 users?

At least I'm getting the impression that Microsoft does not trust anymore that people are using Edge because Edge is such a good browser.

They must use Edge because Microsoft says so.".

I leave you, therefore, with the words of Microsoft's CEO, words that I'd so like to believe: "Throughout its history, Windows has been a democratizing force for the world.

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