Minigame That Gave Kids 'Cuts, Blisters & Burns' Returns To Mario Party With A Warning - Kotaku
Oct 25, 2021 59 secs
The upcoming Mario Party Superstars on the Switch features 100 minigames drawn from the long-running history of the series.

One of those, Tug o’ War, is making a somewhat surprising return after what happened last time the game was available to play with an analogue stick.

It was played by rotating the N64 controller’s analogue stick, and while you could just use your thumb, to get the thing rotating fast enough to actually win meant having to use the palm of your hand instead of your thumb, and it was agony.

“The alarming thing was how little time some of these children spent playing the game before they were injured,” Pritchard said.

Nintendo also recorded a special message just for its Mario Party tips hotline, which urged all people playing the game to “avoid injuries simply by manipulating the joystick with their thumb and forefinger rather than the palm of the hand.”!

Now, in 2021 and with Mario Party Superstars out this week, Tug o’ War is back baby (well, back again, since it also turned up on Mario Party 100 on the 3DS, but since that didn’t have a proper analogue stick, it wasn’t an issue)?

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