MLB faces its first lockout in a quarter century — here's what's at stake - CNBC
Dec 01, 2021 2 mins, 13 secs
And to pry Scherzer from the Dodgers, new Major League Baseball owner Steve Cohen agreed to pay the 37-year-old $130 million over three years.

It took baseball a few years to repair its image from that billionaire-versus-billionaire-versus-millionaire bargaining battle. .

The MLB Players Association wants players to enter free agency sooner in their career to cash in on Scherzer-like deals faster.

"I look at it as a tug of war," said former MLB executive Marty Conway.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics, described MLB's relationship with its players the most accurately.

"Baseball's problem is that players and owners do not appear to trust each other," wrote Staudohar in the March 1997 edition of BLS' Monthly Labor Review.

There were early clouds in the current CBA atmosphere, including last year when the league and the MLB Players Association couldn't agree on terms to play during the pandemic.

MLB made roughly $10 billion annually before the pandemic, but the MLPBA claims players lost money.

"I think they are committed to gaining ground," Conway said of the MLBPA.

"Inside the baseball level, it's about the system of determining free agency, which the owners and baseball operators completely control.".

But owners could also argue losses over the last two years as games were played without spectators in the 2020 season, costing them billions.

Research firm GlobalData also estimates the league lost $1.78 billion in ticket sales as games were partially restricted to start the 2021 season.

The league lost TV deals with ABC and NBC, and fan attendance plummeted 20%, according to the BLS.

Selig was one of the masterminds who helped resolve MLB's labor issues, and he incorporated the MLB's competitive balance tax to help teams stay afloat financially and balance the league.

Conway said Sigel's direction gave MLB owners more cost control.

"He understood the direction that baseball was going, and he looked to control what they could control – those manageable dials – as opposed to worrying about how big players' contracts are," said Conway.

But according to one person familiar with MLB's proposal, the league offered a $100 million salary floor with the belief this will address teams not spending enough on players.

"The one thing about collective bargaining," said Conway, "if you're going to gain in some area, you're probably going to have to give up something else to get that gain because it's already collectively bargained.".

"It could also signal that both sides don't see a substantial change to the economic system," Conway said?

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