MLB lockout: New proposal leaves locked-out players underwhelmed - New York Post
Jan 14, 2022 58 secs

Over a video conference Thursday, Major League Baseball’s representatives introduced a new economic proposal that revised the industry’s arbitration system, created a process that would incentivize teams to promote young players and tweaked a previous proposal for a draft lottery.

The “Super 2” arbitration class, which includes players in the top 22 percent of service time between two and three years would be eradicated over time (anyone currently with major league service could still utilize arbitration as a Super 2) so that all players between two and three years of service would have their salaries determined by a formula based on performance.

The players profess to actually value arbitration, which pits the two sides against each other in a hearing.

The draft lottery still would put the top three picks (for the worst three teams) in play, as per MLB’s previous proposal, although it would further remove incentives for clubs to live in the basement.

The PA would like to see more of its players eligible for free agency and arbitration and prefers a 12-team postseason to MLB’s 14-team idea and also would like to see a further increase of the minimum wage

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