Monkeypox statistics: Tracking the outbreak in NYC and beyond - Gothamist

Monkeypox statistics: Tracking the outbreak in NYC and beyond - Gothamist

Monkeypox statistics: Tracking the outbreak in NYC and beyond - Gothamist
Aug 16, 2022 42 secs

An image of the monkeypox virus, captured using an electron microscope, at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Integrated Research Facility in Fort Detrick, Maryland!

In May of this year, New York City identified its first case of monkeypox, an infectious disease caused by the virus of the same name.

Two months later, the region has become the epicenter of monkeypox in the United States, prompting city officials to declare the outbreak a public health emergency.

During this episode, the city has weathered vaccine shortages, technical hiccups with health websites and alleged retribution in the health department as it adds yet another public health threat to its already overloaded plate.

New York City has prioritized communities currently at higher risk for the virus in its rollout of the JYNNEOS vaccine for monkeypox, which is in extremely short supply.

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