More Details On Rejected Zelda Game 'Heroes Of Hyrule' Revealed - Nintendo Life

More Details On Rejected Zelda Game 'Heroes Of Hyrule' Revealed - Nintendo Life

More Details On Rejected Zelda Game 'Heroes Of Hyrule' Revealed - Nintendo Life
Oct 03, 2022 3 mins, 58 secs

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios had pitched an idea for a new Legend of Zelda title called Heroes of Hyrule that would play a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics.

Well, as promised by Did You Know Gaming, the channel has now released a follow-up video that explores more aspects of the cancelled project after gaining access to the full design document from Retro Studios.

As a quick reminder, Heroes of Hyrule would take place decades in the past and feature three playable characters: Dunar the Goron, Seriph the Rito, and Krel the Zora.

While you'd play as the titular Heroes of Hyrule for "two thirds" of the game, the other third takes place in the "present day", during which you play as a young boy called Kori (pictured nestled between the Heroes of Hyrule in the above image)!

As Kori completes more objectives, he obtains pages from the 'Book of Ganon', which subsequently unlocks adventures featuring the Heroes of Hyrule, and it's here that the game will revert back to the past and allow you to play out each adventure.

Of course, Heroes of Hyrule never materialised, with Nintendo rejecting the pitch before any kind of gameplay prototype could be completed, urging Retro Studios to work on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption instead.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Heroes of Hyrule.

Maybe back then Nintendo were much more protective of what "Zelda" was allowed to be, before they eventually allowed it to become a Warriors game or a Necrodancer game.

Either that or they just didn't want Retro to make Zelda because they needed them to make a third Metroid right there and then, and any pitch at all would have been rejected just for not being Metroid.

Very sad that we don't get to play this game, but very interesting to learn about it?

Perhaps once Retro Studios is finished with Metroid Prime 4, we'll get to see them take a shot at The Legend of Zelda, assuming Donkey Kong isn't on their list at the moment.

To be fair, one of the reasons why Hyrule Warriors and Cadence of Hyrule exist is because Link is playable, whereas this game didn't feature such and Nintendo probably didn't want to alienate fans; this is also probably the reason why Ancient Stone Tablets was never re-released outside of the Satellaview.

The more I hear about this the less it sounds like Zelda.

While Nintendo experiments more with the IP now (well more obviously. It isn’t like they haven’t farmed out the IP before) I can see why they would have been wary at the time.

@Hero-of-WiiU the only disastrous thing about Retro is how Nintendo have managed them.

Retro have amazing talents, and could've easily been the american Monolith Soft, since they also worked on Mario Kart and the newest DKC games, which were very good.

Nintendo decided to make MP4 themselves only to turn tail back to Retro to clean up their mess.

Of course you could say two developers, two companies, two studios, two teams, just Nintendo and Retro Studios, etc, instead, if you want.

I would like to see a Zelda game where you play as Zelda as your main.

It seems fitting, tho I always will like playing as link, I think having every game titled legend of Zelda is a bit limiting for this series.

I think of a game like majoras mask and links awakening as examples, these games didn’t really have much to do with Zelda at all.

The adventures of link is a bit more like it but legend of Zelda sounds so good after all these years.

Majora’s Mask (and OOT) already introduced the concept of others just as important to the story as the main trinity and Zelda has been fleshing out it’s NPCs for years but I have always loved BOTW’s take as even though you are Link again it feels like he is part of something bigger than him.

I feel like other Zelda games tried but BotW hit that sweet spot.

It's definitely more spinoff material, and historically Nintendo has always been pretty protective of the Zelda IP with a few exceptions.

But outside a fun take on a strategy game with the Zelda license, Nintendo probably thought there weren't "enough new ideas" to do the project

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