More officers walking off job, running for office to push back against defund-police movement

More officers walking off job, running for office to push back against defund-police movement

More officers walking off job, running for office to push back against defund-police movement
Sep 30, 2022 2 mins, 15 secs

There are more than 100 current or former police officers on the ballot this year for federal, state, and local offices, with more than 90 running for seats in their state legislature.

The officers, some of whom have never run for office before, have tagged the movement as “the common sense wave.”.

and those of us who have worn the uniform, those of us that have respected law enforcement our entire lives, just can’t sit back anymore,” said Anthony D’Esposito, a former NYPD detective who is running for Congress as a Republican to represent a portion of Nassau County, New York.

The officers running for election have largely paralleled the Republican party’s broader strategy of labeling Democrats as soft on crime.

In Virginia, former police officer and sheriff Yelsi Vega is campaigning against Rep.

New York state appears to be the epicenter of this trend, with at least 11 former police officers and five immediate family members of current officers running for a mix of state and federal positions.

New York state legislators in recent years have approved a series of bills aimed at reducing the jail and prison population, including laws eliminating cash bail for low-level nonviolent crimes such as arson, robbery, burglary, and drug offenses.

Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, over bail reform, saying there are too many criminals who have been released only to commit more severe crimes.

The data showed that statewide, monthly rearrest rates rose sharply starting in late 2019, when judges began applying bail reform.

Instead, they point to data from the New York State Unified Court System, which suggests that people released without bail re-offend at the same rate as those who are held on bail.

“I think there is, obviously, disagreement on the numbers, but common sense says this increase in crime, the increase in violent crime is directly tied to bail reform,” said Scott Marciszeski, a retired police officer who is running as a Republican for a suburban Buffalo New York State Assembly seat.

He said when he knocks on doors to meet with voters, all they want to talk about is “crime, crime, crime.”.

Marciszeski said his first goal is to repeal New York’s cashless bail laws.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll released this week found that 56% of voters said they trust Republicans more to handle crime, while 34% said Democrats trust Democrats more on the issue.

At the same time, the emphasis on crime has sparked criticism that the officers are single-issue candidates avoiding tougher political fights on issues such as inflation and abortion

“I don’t know a single former police officer that is running a single-issue candidacy,” said James Coll, a retired NYPD detective running for New York state Senate

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