My Friend's Smartphone Took a Photo That Rivals My Full-Frame Camera - PetaPixel

My Friend's Smartphone Took a Photo That Rivals My Full-Frame Camera - PetaPixel

My Friend's Smartphone Took a Photo That Rivals My Full-Frame Camera - PetaPixel
Aug 12, 2022 1 min, 3 secs

Using the Snapseed app to add some blur and vignette, he had captured a stunning image that had taken him “a minute or two” to edit.

Of course, his photo had been the subject of some artificial intelligent-powered (AI) editing, as smartphone photos rely on, but it and the minor Snapseed edit perfectly adjusted shadows and highlights to create an image that had some particularly good dynamic range.

But that’s just it: Paul had captured an image that looks incredible, especially when viewed on a phone — where most photos are viewed these days — and it even stands up pretty well blown up on a computer screen.

Looking at what he captured with his phone, I’m left wondering what the point of me bringing my gear along was.

I may as well have shot it on my phone and saved the hassle of taking the pictures with my camera and going through the standard editing process.

Perhaps I should have pushed the image more, the way the AI has done on the Samsung smartphone because, apparently, that’s what the people want.

But it is still a full-frame camera, and I’m sure there are many photographers like me that are still using it and cameras like it on the daily.

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