NASA investigating glitch on James Webb Space Telescope's ultracold camera - Space.com

NASA investigating glitch on James Webb Space Telescope's ultracold camera - Space.com

NASA investigating glitch on James Webb Space Telescope's ultracold camera - Space.com
Sep 21, 2022 46 secs

James Webb Space Telescope's ultracold camera has experienced a technical glitch that is forcing the ground team to postpone some observations. .

The problem affected the James Webb Space Telescope's Mid-Infrared Instrument's (MIRI) grating wheel, which allows scientists to choose the wavelength of light they want to focus on.

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MIRI, one of four high-tech instruments on the James Webb Space Telescope, is a combined camera and spectrograph, which means it takes both images and light spectra of the distant universe!

The other three instruments — NIRCam, NIRSpec and FGS/NIRISS — rely on the telescope's tennis-court-sized sunshield to reach temperatures of minus 369.4 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 223 degrees Celsius).

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