NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket passes crucial fueling test - Space.com

NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket passes crucial fueling test - Space.com

NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket passes crucial fueling test - Space.com
Sep 22, 2022 1 min, 20 secs

The Artemis 1 team will now assess if the rocket will be ready for a planned Sept.

NASA's Artemis 1 moon rocket passed a critical fueling test Wednesday (Sept. 21), potentially keeping it on track for a planned Sept.

Artemis 1 will send an uncrewed Orion capsule to lunar orbit using a giant Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

That test occurred Wednesday on Launch Pad 39B at NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida, and it brought good news for the mission.

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"All of the objectives that we set out to do we were able to accomplish today," Artemis launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, with the Exploration Ground Systems Program at KSC, said in brief remarks after Wednesday's test, which took up most of the day.

27 as a launch target for Artemis 1, with a possible backup date of Oct.

Some other things have to go Artemis 1's way for the mission to launch in the next two weeks as well.

— NASA's Artemis program of lunar exploration .

— NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission explained in photos.

Space Force, which oversees the Eastern Range for rocket launches, certified Artemis 1's FTS for 25 days, and that time is now up.

If all goes well with Artemis 1, Artemis 2 will launch astronauts around the moon in 2024 and Artemis 3 will put boots down near the lunar south pole a year or two later.

The Artemis program ultimately aims to establish a long-term human presence on and around the moon, and to use the skills and knowledge gained in doing so to get astronauts to Mars in the late 2030s or early 2040s.

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