National Cathedral Sermon: American Exceptionalism Is White Supremacy
Jan 19, 2021 1 min, 3 secs
national holiday, slamming America for its false claim of exceptionalism, which he said is actually worship of white supremacy.

Capitol that included President Donald Trump supporters:.

The sad truth is that, for many people, this is the only America they know.

There is a greater danger you must boldly confront: American exceptionalism is really white supremacy on the sly.

Many of those who say that God takes special pride in your nation seek to bless the blasphemy of white supremacy.

The American church has sinned by portraying truth as white.

The sermon also claimed “the tentacles of white supremacy stretch ominously into American policing.

The ultimate paradox may be that many white followers of the forty-fifth president rail against the very police forces that have historically had a hand in white supremacy’s deadly rampages against black people, who are its truest victims.”.

Dyson concluded with another slam on American exceptionalism.

“I will end by saying that after the Capitol offense, all thoughts of American exceptionalism should be dead,” Dyson said.

So I think American exceptionalism, which argues, after Tocqueville, that there’s something peculiar and unique about America – therefore the blessing of God rests upon it, therefore it has a duty and mission in the world – is quite misled.”

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