Nets vs. Bucks score, takeaways: Giannis Antetokounmpo helps Milwaukee land tiebreaker over Brooklyn with win - CBS Sports
May 05, 2021 1 min, 52 secs

For the second time in three days, the Milwaukee Bucks have defeated the Brooklyn Nets, and Tuesday's game took much the same path that Sunday's did.

Toss in a Friday loss to Portland and Brooklyn now has 23 on the season, only one more than the Bucks.

Both are possible losses, and once the Nets lose a game, the Bucks control their own destiny for the No.

Both the Nets and Bucks have strong road records, but 80 percent of Game 7 matchups are won by the home team.

Milwaukee has an easy schedule of its own to look forward to, and if it goes all out for the rest of the season, it has a genuine chance of supplanting Brooklyn as No.

The Nets have beaten the Bucks once this season, and unsurprisingly, that victory came inside.

Entering this game, Antetokounmpo had never attempted more than eight 3-pointers in an NBA contest.

He took six 3-pointers in the January game.

Giannis is averaging 8.67 3-point attempts per game against the Nets this season.

He is taking more 3-pointers against the Nets than Duncan Robinson is in an average game.

He's made over 38 percent of his attempts against Brooklyn, a very valuable half-court proposition. 

Giannis is making only 31.3 percent of his wide-open 3-pointers this season

Even with Antetokounmpo shooting the lights out, Brooklyn outshot Milwaukee substantially across their three regular-season games, making over 42 percent of its 3-pointers without ever having all three of its stars on the floor at once

The Bucks have shot around 35.7 percent, unsustainably low compared to their season-long figure, but a number that makes sense in the context of Antetokounmpo's playing style against the Nets

A 38 percent 3-point shooter generates 1.14 points per possession, well above that figure, so if Antetokounmpo maintained the shooting he's shown against the Nets in the playoffs, the Bucks will gladly let him take as many 3-pointers as he'd like

If he's the 31 percent shooter we should expect him to be, that figure falls to .93 points per possession, well below what the Bucks typically expect in the half-court, and that's before you factor in inferior shooting numbers for teammates

In other words: it's no surprise the Bucks have fared well with Giannis as a jump-shooter against the Nets because he's shot well above his head

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