New Anker wireless earbuds offer AirPods Pro features at a cheaper price - TechRadar

New Anker wireless earbuds offer AirPods Pro features at a cheaper price - TechRadar

New Anker wireless earbuds offer AirPods Pro features at a cheaper price - TechRadar
Sep 30, 2022 59 secs

Called Liberty 4 (opens in new tab), the buds are part of Anker’s Soundcore audio devices brand.

They'll house some of the same features as the AirPods Pro 2, including active noise canceling via HearID ANC and spatial audio.

Expanding on the other features, the Liberty 4’s spatial audio should make users feel like they’re totally surrounded by music.

HearID ANC (opens in new tab) (Adaptive Noise Canceling) differs from typical noise canceling features because it adjusts relative to the surrounding environment, according to Soundcore.

According to Soundcore, turning on HeadID ANC drops playtime to seven hours, and if you add spatial audio on top of that, it goes down to five hours.

What's known is that each bud houses “two dynamic drivers” that Soundcore claims can produce “crisp sound" with a “deep bass.” And looking at the product page, there is a certification for LDAC, a Sony-created audio codec (opens in new tab) that ensures a high-quality sound feed over a wireless connection.

All that said, you can purchase a pair of Liberty 4 earbuds from Soundcore’s website (opens in new tab) for $149.99 ($100 cheaper than the AirPod Pro 2)

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