New double crater seen on the moon after mystery rocket impact - CNN

New double crater seen on the moon after mystery rocket impact - CNN

New double crater seen on the moon after mystery rocket impact - CNN
Jun 27, 2022 57 secs

The exact origin of the rocket body, a piece of space junk that had been careening around for years, is unclear, so the double crater could help astronomers determine what it was.

The moon lacks a protective atmosphere, so it's littered with craters created when objects like asteroids regularly slam into the surface.

This was the first time a piece of space junk unintentionally hit the lunar surface that experts know of.

Gray had initially identified it as the SpaceX Falcon rocket stage that launched the US Deep Space Climate Observatory, or DSCOVR, in 2015 but later said he'd gotten that wrong and it was likely from a 2014 Chinese lunar mission -- an assessment NASA agreed with.

However, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied the booster was from its Chang'e-5 moon mission, saying that the rocket in question burned up on reentry to Earth's atmosphere.

No agencies systematically track space debris so far away from Earth, and the confusion over the origin of the rocket stage has underscored the need for official agencies to monitor deep-space junk more closely, rather than relying on the limited resources of private individuals and academics.

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