Jun 17, 2021 1 min, 4 secs
— For the first time, a federal agency has released a comprehensive online map clearly depicting what experts have long warned: Many parts of America — largely in poor, rural and tribal areas — lack quality and affordable broadband internet access.

It shows that in one largely working-class and Latino census tract in east Oakland, California, more than 26 percent of people do not have household internet access despite having commercial providers.

All households in both neighborhoods have access to the same level of commercially available service, but affordability stands as a major issue that prevents many people from signing up.

“As we release this important data to the public, it paints a sobering view of the challenges facing far too many Americans as they try to connect to high-speed broadband and participate in our modern economy,” Commerce Secretary Gina M.

The map comes at a time when the White House is pushing an infrastructure bill that aims, among many other objectives, to “bring affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband to every American, including the more than 35 percent of rural Americans who lack access to broadband at minimally acceptable speeds.”.

The Biden administration is now hoping to take this broadband data and push for more investment in broadband access, which some cities have already done on their own through private fundraising

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