New Microsoft Exchange zero-days actively exploited in attacks - BleepingComputer

New Microsoft Exchange zero-days actively exploited in attacks - BleepingComputer

New Microsoft Exchange zero-days actively exploited in attacks - BleepingComputer
Sep 29, 2022 1 min, 8 secs

Microsoft confirms new Exchange zero-days are used in attacks.

New Microsoft Exchange zero-days actively exploited in attacks.

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Threat actors are exploiting yet-to-be-disclosed Microsoft Exchange zero-day bugs allowing for remote code execution, according to claims made by security researchers at Vietnamese cybersecurity outfit GTSC, who first spotted and reported the attacks

Trend Micro released a security advisory Thursday evening confirming that they submitted the two new Microsoft Exchange zero-day vulnerabilities discovered by GTSC to Microsoft

There’s reports emerging that a new zero day exists in Microsoft Exchange, and is being actively exploited in the wild

"We recommend all organizations/enterprises around the world that are using Microsoft Exchange Server to check, review, and apply the above temporary remedy as soon as possible to avoid potential serious damages," GTSC added

Microsoft confirms new Exchange zero-days are used in attacks

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