New reality show promises to send winner into space for 10 days - CNN
Sep 17, 2020 1 min, 18 secs

"Space Hero will provide an opportunity for anyone from any background to become the first globally-elected space explorer to take part in a mission to the International Space Station," the press release reads.

The production company's press release said that the team is "now looking for global brand and primary distribution partners." But details about the project's funding, the competition's format, release date, and production plans were not disclosed.

Axiom has also said it can provide all the training necessary to prepare individuals for a trip to the ISS.

NASA has made a heavy push in recent years to drum up interest in commercial activity on the International Space Station, a multibillion-dollar orbiting laboratory that has hosted crews of astronauts and hundreds of scientific experiments for the past two decades.

Earlier this year, space agency head Jim Bridenstine announced that Tom Cruise is working with NASA on plans to film a movie aboard the ISS.

Various other announcements about ISS visitors have also fallen through, including one from pop star Lance Bass, of 'NSYNC boyband fame, in the early 2000s.

Private citizens have visited the space station before: A company called Space Adventures previously organized eight trips to the International Space Station for ultra-wealthy travelers between 2001 and 2009 using Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

Allowing tourists and other private citizens to make use of the space station — via SpaceX's or Boeing's new spacecraft — is part of NASA's goal of commercializing outer space.

That effort started in large part with NASA programs that handed over the task of transporting cargo and crew to the ISS.

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